Website With No VisitorIn this blog post, we’re going to discuss about my preferred sources of traffic for affiliate marketing. This is based on my experience and observation doing this business for years.

“A website that has no visitor, is like a website that does not exist at all.”

I still can remember that line. It was 2005, I was just starting out online thinking if I can get customers and recruits for my direct selling business. If you’re familiar with Juvio, that was the first online direct sales company that I’ve joined.

I bought a book in Book Sale about online marketing, and since it was just a second hand book, information was a bit outdated. But at least, it opened my mind about traffic and online business.

What is Online Traffic

Traffic For Affiliate Marketing“High foot traffic”

That was the description in a “business for sale” advertised in a newspaper classifieds ads.

Obviously, the advertiser is convincing potential buyers that the business has a lot of sales potential….

…more people passing by, more people walking by, the higher the chance the business will make sales.

That’s what traditional, brick-and-mortar business, is all about.

“Location, location, location.”

In the online world, traffic means people visiting your website. Without traffic, no one will see your products, let alone buy them. That’s why if you’re in affiliate marketing, you need to work on increasing your traffic.

There are different ways of increasing your traffic, but here are my preferred ways…

Social Media Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

Whether paid ads or free ads, this is essential for an online business that’s just starting out.

When you post something in your personal Facebook profile, or in Twitter, you are advertising something without paying any. Your audience will be your friends, or your followers.

Social Media Facebook PageUnfortunately, Facebook nowadays has become money hound. It now restricts the reach of a post, especially if the post is business in tune. So, for a post to reach a wider audience, you have to pay Facebook money via a business page or fan page. The same thing is happening with other major social media sites like Twitter.

You can see better results in social media these days if you have the money.

But don’t let that discourage you. If you don’t have the money, you still can see results with social media. Just be prepared to invest time and efforts, as you need to connect to your target customers on a personal level.

For owners of new websites just starting in the game, social media can be a good source of traffic while waiting for other traffic methods to pay off.

Search Engine Traffic

Imagine accidentally landing into a website that’s outside your field of interests. Probably, because of a faulty mouse… or someone in social media tricked you into clicking a link. What would you feel?

And here’s another one…

You went to Facebook to socialize, and to connect with loved ones. Then on the home page, blocks of advertisements about things you’re not interested in gets in the way of seeing posts you wanna see. What would you feel?

Can we call it “interruption marketing”?

Now, compare it with this one…

You need to buy a new gaming display monitor but you’re not sure what brand to buy. So, you went to Google and typed in “gaming monitor reviews”. In the top 10 of the search results, you picked one, click through it and landed in a website where the blogger explained to you in detail the pros and cons of different brands or models.

Searching Google

How does it sound to you?

Better, right?

Better for customers, and for online marketers.


Based on what you have read here, you be the judge.

Oh sorry, am I the one supposed to give a conclusion?

For me, the best source of high quality traffic for a website, is search engines. In other words, getting traffic through search engine optimization.

Optimizing your site so that search engines will find your content, rank it accordingly in the search results, and deliver you the right kind of audience that you need.

Audience that are ready to buy.

But the truth is, results in SEO takes time to materialize. So, for the meantime, get some traffic from social media while working your site’s SEO.

Does this advice made sense?