Thinking And Scratching ChinOkay. Before we dissect this subject, “Turning Passion Into Profits”, let’s figure out first… what’s your passion? What’s that one thing that you love doing?

For me, it’s teaching.

I remember how my mother was encouraging me to pursue a career in the teaching profession.. but I did not heed.

Years passed by, and I found myself doing what my mother wanted me to do.. but in a different way. I am teaching people online business through my blog.

“But why choose business? Why not just get a job related to your passion?”

This quote by Jim Rohn tells it all…

Profits are better than wages.”

Visualize YourselfAnd when we say “profits”, we mean “business”.

Now, let’s start with some mind exercise, visualizing yourself as someone just starting out in business…

Starting in Business Aimlessly

Imagine yourself renting a business space in a downtown area. You have all the potential for growth, given that you have occupied a prime location.

But you got one big problem: You find yourself confused of what kind of business to put in.

You can imagine how confused the people passing by… Three months ago, there was bakeshop in your place. Then, replaced by a canteen. Today, it’s a gift shop. They’re guessing what it would be like by next month.

Since you’ve paid for your rent.. let’s say “for one whole year”, you can’t leave. You have to use the space for business to recover what you have invested. And you want to turn a profit out of your investment.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

This happen when a person starts a business in haste without first anchoring to his passion. This is the reason why, in entrepreneurship courses.. students are being encouraged to build a business around their passion.

Passion first, and profits will follow.

Turning Your Passion Into A Business

How do you go about turning your passion into a business?

In today’s scenario, there are two ways to do that:

  • Start a conventional business, something we refer to as “brick and mortar type of business”.
  • Start an online business, where start up capital is smaller, and is portable you can bring the business anywhere.

The example that I gave, depicts a conventional type of business.

In a conventional business, the most important thing is location. Once you occupy a prime location where there’s high foot traffic, you can sell just anything.

But there’s where most people get trapped. Just like the example that I gave.

It is common to see a conventional business owner operating something he or she doesn’t like. The only thing that motivates him or her, are the profits. Take the profits out, and you’ll see the entrepreneur quitting.

In online business, we usually take a different approach…

Find Out First What Interests You

What Interests PeopleUnlike in online business where the first step is finding a location, ours is finding what interests you.

And the good thing is, most people already knew what interests them!

Finding a good location for us, is just an optional thing. As we all know, the Internet is everywhere. Anyone with access to the Internet can find your business regardless if you’re in a downtown area or based in the mountains.

So, to us online business owners… starting a business around our passion… starting something related to the things we love doing… is more important than finding a good location.

But wait, can we really make profits out of that?

How do we monetize that?

Create A Website And Tell Your Story!

It’s so easy now to create your own website.

Unlike before, anyone willing to learn can now create a website where you can install a wordpress blog, to be used in telling your story, how passionate you are about something.

Blogging, or broadcasting your thoughts online via your website, is a common thing nowadays.

From ordinary people to celebrities, from business owners to politicians, they use blogging to broadcast their thoughts and have following.

You can write a short article on your website about something, share that article on social media, and soon you will find people reading your post.

Creating A Blog

Today, you can see people blogging about just anything, and on the sides they are making money out of the products being promoted on the sides of their websites. Ads are being displayed on the sides of their website.

With your very own website or blog, you have the freedom to either just tell stories, or intentionally publish articles promoting something.

Blog About Something People Are Interested In

How do we do that?

It is easy now to figure out what interest other people.. interests that are in line with yours and you know a lot about.

You can use a keyword tool like we use inside Wealthy Affiliate, and make a research how many people are searching for it, and how competitive the topic is. I mean, other bloggers you will compete with in getting the audience.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

Before, when we’re looking for something, we usually pull out the encyclopedia or buy the latest newspaper and scan the classified ads.

Today, most people use the Internet to look for things.

This made Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines popular. Not only for students doing research papers, these search engines were proved to be helpful in the line of e-commerce or Internet commerce too.

Searching GoogleIt used to be in advanced countries only, but recently, we have noticed that even in developing countries, people use Google to search for the things they wanna buy.

Even for the smallest stuff like a cellphone’s power bank, people search on Google to look for sellers and merchants.

Did you get the idea?

There’s money to be made out of this!!

How The Hobbyists Found Business in Affiliate Marketing

Now, before your playful mind drifts you away to some weird ideas of creating your own products, let me tell you something…

There are thousands of people around the world making money promoting something related to their interests… without creating their own products!

Watch this video, from one of the most famous affiliate marketers in the world, how she’s doing things…

People are making money promoting other people’s stuff online. And you can do it, too!

Let’s have a few examples, my friends in Wealthy Affiliate…

This person loves baseball game so much he started a website about baseball. He enjoys sharing his knowledge about the sports, and on the sides, he makes money through the ads displayed in his website… ads promoting baseball gears!

Jeremy XBaseballGear Success Story

Click here to visit Jeremy’s website about Baseball gears.

Do you want another example? Here’s Veronica. She’s a teacher and her passion is teaching children how to read.

Reading Teacher Started Her Own Website

Click here to visit Veronica’s website (Reading Blocks)

Do you want more examples? I can give you more examples if you want to.

Indeed, there’s money to be made with blogging about your passion. Make money directly with your blogging (selling), or indirectly by just sharing your story and let the ads on the sides make you money.

So, can you now think of something you love doing where you can build a business around?

Does This Process Looks Hard To You?

Let’s make it easy.

Instead of wandering out there looking for guides… turn your passion into profit book, or how to turn your passion into profit PDF… I have something here for you that’s more fun!

I invite you to enroll for free at Wealthy Affiliate.. to learn how you can turn your passion into a thriving online business. (Like I did)

You can start for free, get the training and tools you need, and if you like the system, you can upgrade later. There’s complete freedom on your part, learn and work at your own pace.

As a beginner, you will start with Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – Getting Started Level 1.

You will learn how to make money online in affiliate marketing…

The Process of Making Money Online

First, by choosing a niche for your business (specific field of interest you want to venture to).. then building your own niche website.. and then learning how to get customers via Google and other search engines.

Thumbs UpEverything is made easy for you.

If you are ready, then click here to get started.

As a senior member of WA, I will be your personal coach once you get in. Trust me, you will enjoy the whole process of turning passion into profits with Wealthy Affiliate.