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While finishing taks, I realized how pampered WA members are and decided to write a quick blog post entitled, “Wealthy Affiliate – Best Online Business School“.

We all know that it is not only WA that’s offering lessons for learning online business. There are many websites out there, some even claim they can help students make a lot of money very quick.

The Other Online Business Schools

I won’t mention the schools’ names here, they are the worst for your money. Don’t even set foot on their gates! (Their home page)

Burning MoneyThey will tell you that for the X amount of money monthly, equivalent to a tuition fee monthly, you will learn how to start your own business online and make money.

But will they really teach you how to start an online business?

The answer is yes. But, for you to make money, you are left to your own finding. All you will learn is, how to invite others to enroll in that school, just to learn how to invite others, that will invite others, and so on.

Yes, there are webinars… But can the newbies, or the beginners, relate to what they’re talking in the webinars?

The Best Online Business School That I’ve Seen!

But before we go on, I’d like to clarify that this school is not what most people think of a school.

There are no physical classrooms with doors and chairs, but classrooms in a website representing topics and teachings. Also, there are no professors that give grades and there are no transcripts of records nor diploma.

What you will be getting are practical knowledge about online business. Practical, in the sense that, right after your learning, you can readily apply it.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.’ – Dale Carnegie” quote=”‘Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.’ – Dale Carnegie”]

In real world schools, there are state universities, and there are expensive private schools. It used to be poor in both lessons and facilities, but because of legislation and increasing awareness, today’s state universities are well ahead of the private schools.

It’s the same with Wealthy Affiliate. Costs lower, but students are well taken cared of.

Enroll At Wealthy Affiliate University

Like I said, it costs cheaper than what other websites are charging their students.

But, the lessons are far better… I can attest to it because, I am also a student! (Now a coach, self-proclaimed coach!)

Aside from other online business schools out there, that charge like exclusive schools, ours is masses-affordable. Yes, cheaper and yet, easier to succeed with.

If you have a handful of capital in your hand, and you enrolled in an expensive business school to learn online business… Aside from charging you high, all they recommend to you is buy expensive solo ads to make money. What do you think will happen to you?

Now, compare it with Wealthy Affiliate University…

You can even enroll free, get started with a business for free (upgrade later), and learn free to low-cost strategies for building an online business.

Where do you think you have a better chance of succeeding?

Let me know what you think through the comment box below…