What is a Home BusinessIf even the automated systems at Google Adsense get confused of the meaning of this question, then what more with ordinary people? With this, I decided to write this article, to answer this popular question, “What is a home business”?

After reading this, you will have a clear knowledge of what home business is, and will no longer confuse it for a real estate business. (Just like that Google Adsense ad displaying ads about real estate in my home business blog)

This happened to me many times before. I was posting on social media using the keyword “home business”, some friends started asking me what real estate business I am in.

No, I am not into real estate. I am in a home-based business!

So, What’s A Home Business?

Making Sweets From HomeIt is a business which you run from a space in your own home. Since it is in your home, your business have no, or very little overhead.

Your home could be a single family residence, an apartment, or a condo, a mobile home, or a boat!

The space you use for your business could be your living room, a garage, a basement an attic near your roof, a den, a kitchen or a bedroom.

Your business might be conducted entirely in the home—like you’re making candies, gift items, toys, home-made furniture, etc. and you ship them out to customers.

Or, your business might be partly or wholly outside your home—you travel to homes or businesses to perform services such as computer maintenance, or lawn care. In such businesses, your advertising, sales, and bookkeeping are done in your home, just as they are for a business conducted solely within the home.

Home Office

In essence, a “home business” is one in which you do not rent external space to conduct your normal profit-making activities. In my recent article here, I discussed about this reason why I prefer to operate home-based rather than renting a space in a downtown area of a city.

Some Big Businesses Started As Home Businesses

Do not underestimate the idea of a home business.

Did you know that some big businesses that you see today started as home businesses?

Let’s name a few:

  1. The Diebold Group, well-known data processing specialists, started in a bedroom.
  2. Apple Computer was started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a garage.
  3. Dell Computers, was started by Michael Dell in his dorm room.
  4. Nike wasn’t Nike when it was first started. It was Blue Ribbon Sports, started by Phil Knight in a trunk of his car.
  5. Also, Google, started in a garage by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.


While your ambitions may not be growing a home business into a billion dollar business like these, the examples here show what can happen when you offer a product or service that are of high quality and at a competitive price.

If you have the desire to help people solve problems, to fill a gap in the marketplace, the world may beat a path to your door!

Start A Home Business Today!

Most of us are familiar with investing, right? But why are we saving or investing money?

It is because, we want to prepare for the future. We want to reap rewards after a long time of saving and investing.

It’s the same with starting a home business. Instead of just depending your future on someone else, you take charge and create your own future. You start your own business you do it now either part-time or full-time.

With today’s lightning-fast advances in technology especially with communications, it is easier than ever to start and succeed in your own home business.

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And now that you already knew what is a home business, then perhaps we can move on to discussing why you should start one. Stay tuned to my blog here, for in the coming posts, I will share to you familiar reasons why people start a home business.