1. Jacqueline

    Great article!
    When I first heard the term ‘home business’, I envisaged a wonderful setup with all the trimmings of a normal office only to realise that a home business is what you make it.

    I now run my home business from a spare room in my house.
    It’s great also that I can take my business with me when I am on the bus, on a break at work as all I need is a laptop and an internet connection.

    Do you think there can be limitations and/or distractions of running a home business?

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Yes, that’s one of the challenges home business entrepreneurs face. Limitations, and oftentimes, distractions. Like for example, here in my place where houses are so close to each other, you can overhear crying children of your neighbor. Or, you can hear their TV on the background with soap operas distracting your audio. These prompted me to buy a headset (earphone) to cover my ears while writing a blog post!

      With regard to limitations, yes of course, there are limitations. It would be dishonest for me to say there aren’t. But I also find that those limitations can also be “advantages”, just like you said with your home business, you can take it with you in a bus, or anywhere else, especially if your home business is an online home business.

      All in all, it’s worth it.

  2. Weston

    Great post! It is interesting to look into the history of some of the top businesses of today and see how they started. Like you explained, many of them started from people’s homes. All businesses have to start somewhere.

    I agree, starting a home business is all about building your own future. There’s no security in having a job anymore. That’s why a home business can be a great investment. And that’s why I started my own home business to create a second source of income and hopefully, one day, become my primary income.

    What kinds of home businesses do you recommend?

    Thank you!


    • Gomer Magtibay

      Start anything.

      Figure out where you are good at. Some people are good at making crafts, others are good at computer-related stuff. My opinion is, a person won’t do much if pursue something he or she is not really good at.

      Since I I know a lot about the Internet, I love to write and express my ideas online, I chose blogging and Internet marketing. But that’s me, and not all people are like me. But if love what I’m doing, then I highly recommend you copy what I’m doing. Start an online business.

  3. Chris

    Well you learn something new every day – I always thought Nike was a company that was born out of money…not a startup sports shoe business!! 

    It’s pretty mad to think that all these top brands and companies started so small, when you look at their stock prices these days! 

    Tell me, are you looking at this website being your own business?

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Thanks for reading, and also for asking.

      Yes, I look at this website as my own business. But this won’t go big like those of Google or Amazon, as this is just a blog bearing my name. This is just one of the many businesses I have. I have two other businesses which are offline, and another two which are online. 

      With the new website that i am working on, with its domain name apart from me, I am hopeful I can make it big like those big companies.

  4. Eli

    Hello and thank you for an extremely profound article that finally made it clear for me what is a home base business. There are indeed great advantages but you are shooting in the dark for a long time and doubts are always just around the corner, so it helps to get another view from a coach, because in the end everyone needs a coach to show them what they don’t see. 

    Thanks for the information,


    • Gomer Magtibay

      Yes, we need a coach sometimes. A personal coach, who knows systematic ways of achieving things in a home based business. I used to think that’s not needed in a home business, as we are in the business for ourselves. But the truth is, no matter how passionate you are, no matter how good your chosen business is, there’s always a “systematic” way of doing things. It is for that same reason that even people can cook a better hamburger, they opt to buy a franchise from McDonalds. It’s the “system” of doing things that they are after.

  5. angelce903


    I really enjoyed your post about home business as I want to have my home-based business myself. But I wasn’t aware that such many multinational companies started at home! In a sense, it gives me more courage to be consistent and disciplined about my own business. Can you imagine if we become moguls? Thanks for sharing!

    • Gomer Magtibay

      You’re welcome and thanks for reading.

      Anything is possible. If others can do it, then why can’t we?

      We can do it too. Just go on, give your home business your best shot, and let’s see where it will lead you. 

      This is going to be exciting!

  6. Jordan

    Very good!

    It’s essential to be a big-picture thinker when in a home business, right? In the long-term it can help you reach financial goals, and even earlier retirement, by creating such a diversified flow of income.

    Do you have any experience with physical products, or drop shipping? What are the best kinds of blogs that you’ve used?


    • Gomer Magtibay

      Although dropshipping sounds like a great business idea, I have not tried it yet. My experience with marketing physical products online was with direct sales.

      With regard to blogs, the best was Empower Network’s Kalatu blogging platform. Next is, Wealthy Affiliate’s blogging platform. It just sad that EN’s blogging system no longer exist as the company now is defunct.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s blogging platform today is becoming very good for newbies. There are now built-in guides for creating good content, like what we have then with Kalatu.

      For anyone wanting to start a home business, I’d suggest they look at Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 recommended online home business opportunity.

      What about you? What’s your home business?

  7. Louise

    I love the fact that technically, anyone can start a business from home – the possibilities are endless! I have started a business from home and I have to say I am so much happier working on my terms!

    I didn’t realise some of those huge companies had started off so small – but then everyone has to start somewhere! It’s very inspiring. I’ve also fallen in love with the office space in your picture with the amazing forested view! My dream home office!

    • Gomer Magtibay

      When there’s a beautiful view of a distance, it helps us think big and long term. I love that picture too.

      Like those companies used as examples here, do not underestimate the potential of a home business. You never know where your business will lead you. And that’s exciting!

  8. Jay Gumbs

    It’s interesting that big companies like Google and Apple started as home businesses. I know about their humble beginnings but I never looked at it that way.

    You learn something new everyday. I’m also running a home business and it would be cool if someday I could turn it into a multi-million dollar brand.

    • Gomer Magtibay

      Who knows? Someday, that website of yours about affiliate marketing turn into something big. I’ve been to your site, and I admire how you write articles.

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