Can You Make A Living BloggingYou have a computer and an Internet connection. You heard about blogging, how others are making a living online, and you are interested in doing the same. But, you have doubts if those stories are true…

Join me for another discussion about blogging…

Can You Make A Living Blogging?

It is normal to have doubts, especially if you have not met a person who makes his living blogging.

Who would trade his job for something like blogging? For many people, they’d think no person in his right mind will quit his job which is a secure source of income, to just do blogging.

Blogging, publishing articles on a website, daily or in a regular basis.

Perhaps you are one of those people who are wondering, “How can money be made out of that?”

I used to think the same, until I read in a magazine (Entrepreneur Philippines Magazine) a story of a person who spend his day either in a coffee shop in the city of Manila or in a coffee shop in Boracay Beach.

He confessed, with his income from blogging, he can afford to travel to Boracay every month—a luxury here in the Philippines only high income earners can afford.

If you’re not convinced with this story, think about Entrepreneur Magazine…

Will they lie with their featured story?

Abe Olandres in Entrepreneur Magazine

You Need Some Training

Did my story arouse your interest in blogging?

If yes, you may now be wondering where do you start. How do you get started?

First all, before doing, one must first undergo “learning”.


One might argue there’s no need to invest money in this training because information about blogging is readily available in sites like YouTube.


In one of the training that I’ve attended on the field of blogging, I learned why people spend money on things that are in fact available for free online.

Almost everything that we want to learn, you can search for them online for free, so why spend money?

The main reason why we spend money at all is, although the information that we need can be found online for free, it is quite a challenge compiling the most important things.

It is a big challenge getting only what we need.

Avoid Getting OverwhelmedThus, we often end up overwhelmed.

With a training that we pay for, someone who is an expert in the field, have organized the information for us. Organized in the sense that, we easily absorb them and not get overwhelmed.

Now, with regard to learning how to blog, I invite you to subscribe via the opt-in form on the side bar of this blog, and get access to the video lessons about setting up a website or blog.

How To Make Money With A Blog

This is the most interesting thing for many people. Making money with a blog.

Who else doesn’t want to make money? I bet, no one would ever raise a hand. We all need money.

In the video lessons that I am going to share with you (via the opt-in form on the side bar), you will learn not only how to set up a blog. You will also learn how to make money with it, “how to monetize it” (in blogging parlance).

Best of all, you will discover a lucrative opportunity in sharing this training to others.

Yes, this training rewards people for bringing other students in!

Actually, in the lessons, you will be trained how to blog about anything, and get paid for anything.

You blog for companies, you blog about products, you can get paid for it. That’s how you can use it to make a living, on top of using it for expressing your ideas and opinions online.

But do our lessons work?

Success Happening at Wealthy Affiliate


Can you make a living blogging?

YES. There are many people already doing it, including me.

Can you do it too? The answer is also YES, but get trained first.

Subscribe on the opt-in form, and get access to the video training.

That will open doors of opportunities for you. Endless possibilities for you.