You Are Already Blogging“Ayaw kong mag-blog.”

You can imagine the face of that friend who refused to blog.

His words in English, they mean…

“I don’t want to blog.”

He wanted to make money online in his spare time, and one of the suggestions given to him is “learn how to blog”.

But he’s hesitant, and one of the loudest among his excuses is, he can’t write.

I bet the reason why he said that is, he’s not confident with his English and he’s afraid he might look like an idiot with his grammar.

The truth is…

Blogging Doesn’t Require Perfect Grammar

I, too, used to think I will be laughed at if I write in English that’s full of grammatical errors. So, that hold me back from blogging, for years.

That only changed when I attempted to reply to a topic posted in an online forum, I replied in English.

There was a topic that outraged me, I thought it is an attack against Multi Level Marketing—an industry I am a part of. Upset, I gave a lengthy reply.

I just typed in the words, typing the words as they come out from my mind. I didn’t care what it would look like, I just did it.

And you know what? The members of the forum didn’t care about the grammatical errors. Or, perhaps, they just ignored the errors and just focused on the thoughts shared.

Surprisingly, it turned into a healthy discussion, with exchanges of replies.

Since then, I’m no longer afraid to write in English. My fear of blogging is gone.

Here’s another truth…

You Are Already Blogging

Facebook PostsAre you on Facebook? I bet you are. It’s the most popular social networking site today.

Have you ever experienced encountering thoughts or topics that are so outrageous you can’t help but reply? And not just reply with a few words but with long sentences or paragraphs just to get your voice get across?

It puzzles me to see a fellow reacts he can’t blog because he doesn’t know how to write articles, and yet, if you try to look at his social media posts, they are as long as a blog post.

That only shows, the man is just making an excuse. He actually can write!

Are you that person who knows the power of blogging, and yet making excuses you can’t do it?

What you’re already doing in social media, you’ll just transfer it to your very own platform. Nothing will change, you will just migrate to a platform that is yours.

We all love to post in social media like Facebook, but don’t lose sight of the fact that we do not own that site. What you write in Facebook, what you publish or share in there, they can take them away anytime they like.

Your Chance To Be Heard

We all want to be heard. That’s part of being human.

Some of us are ordinary citizens, some are activists, some are hobbyists, some businessmen, while others are preachers.

Whatever background you have, we have something in common—we all want to be heard.

We need to be recognized, which is a part of Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. The need for self-actualization.

How do you like to fill that need, but this time, in a platform that you are the one in control?

Yes, you hear that? You are the one in control, and not Facebook, or whatever social media site playing like a king.

With your own blog, you are the king. Whatever you write, whatever you publish in your own blog, you are the one in control of that. And there’s no one who can take that from you. No one can delete what you publish!

If you like cussing, if you want cursing, then do it with your own blog.

If you are inspiring a revolution, like if you want to rise up against an abusive government, then do it with your own blog. It cannot be censored, your content will not be taken away from you.

Blogging fosters freedom of speech, and freedom of expression.

Blogging Fosters Freedom of Speech

Getting Started in Blogging

I’ll be honest with you, blogging is not easy…

But, if you have a guide, or a coach… and if you have a good platform to use (which a coach like me will recommend you), things will be easier.

Subscribe to our blogging lessons on the left, I will personally guide you on how to get started.

Don’t worry about not having experience, don’t be bothered about not being good in grammar. You’re already doing it (in other platforms), right? We’ll just transfer it to a better platform. To your own platform.